Asking for Help

  • Who would you ask for help? Police officers, store employees, your family, strangers, or friends?
  • Is it common to ask for help from strangers in Latvia (or your native country)?
  • When do you need to ask for help?
  • How do you feel when you ask for help?
  • If you need help while you are shopping, what should you say to the store employees?
  • If you need help while riding the bus, what should you say to the bus driver?
  • If you need help when you are lost, what should you ask a stranger?
  • How can you stay safe when asking for help?
  • Can you trust all strangers? Who should you trust?
  • What are some different ways you can ask for help? (For example, by phone, by e-mail)
  • What information should you NOT tell someone when you are asking for help?
  • Where can you ask for help in an emergency?
  • How can you practice asking for help?
  • If you saw someone who needed help, what would you do?
  • Are you stubborn? Is it difficult for you to ask for help sometimes?
  • Why do some people not like asking for help?
  • Which do you prefer: getting help or giving help? Why?




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