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Let’s Talk conversation club was created in early 2013 to help people speak English fluently. It’s not a secret that when learning languages nowadays too much emphasis is placed on grammar, exercises, but not on listening or speaking skills’ development. For some of us starting to speak English might be difficult ‘cause of psychological barrier. Still, it is important to use speak at the proper level if we want to communicate and understand each other, watch non-dubbed films, read abroad news how they happened and travel wherever we want.

Let’s Talk – it is a group of enthusiasts who are interested in improving or keeping their level of English, as well as those who wants to find new friends and just relax in good company. There is one leader who chooses a topic of conversation, however, if you have something interesting you want to talk about please feel free to do so. No subject limitations – we discuss everything from news, political and cultural events or history to sports, hobbies, music and other entertainments.

The leader is not a teacher but rather a facilitator or guide, with occasional corrections, vocabulary where necessary  (with spelling  if desired), and answers to any questions. There are no tests or homework – we chat, play fun games and do different exciting stuff. Have a cup of tea or coffee with cookies, make new friends and have fun!

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