Gestures & Body Language

  • What do you think the gesture means? Do you think it is impolite to use this gesture? Why?
  • Do you think it is more common among young people or adults to use this gesture? Why?
  • How do you greet people in your culture? Do you touch hands? Do you smile?
  • Do you greet people differently if they are your friends or family than you would greet a businessman?
  • Do you think people use a lot of gestures when speaking?
  • Is there any greeting that is considered rude in your culture?
  • Do people in your culture use body language when speaking? How often? Can you show us an example?
  • Are there positive and negative gestures? Which is more common in your culture?
  • Have you ever been offended by gesture? Why?
  • Has someone ever been surprised or offended by a gesture that you made? What did you say or do?
  • What are some things that are considered rude in your native country? Why is it considered rude?
  • How would people in Latvia react if someone did something rude, or made a rude gesture in public? Would you react the same way too?
  • In Latvia, what kinds of gestures or body language signal friendliness?


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