Test your vocabulary

A nice tool that claims to access your English command (or, at least a rough estimate number of words that you may know):


1,500–3,000 words: a couple of years of English courses
4,000–7,000 words: intermediate English (4–6 years)
8,000–10,000 words: advanced English (8 years) for a particularly good student

Anything much beyond 10,000 words generally only comes from living abroad in an English-speaking country for a significant period of time, or else spending tremendous amounts of one’s own time exposed to English media (books, sitcoms, movies, etc.).

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One thought on “Test your vocabulary

  1. Ludmila
    April 11, 2013 at 09:36

    Интересный тест. А главное быстрый! Занял всего 3 минуты :)
    Показал уровень 6640 слов

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